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Ear irrigation 

At Carters clinic, we offer a relaxed atmosphere, allowing sufficient time for all our patients
to remove wax in a safe and gentle way.

Carter’s clinic will try to remove your earwax the same day. You do not have to put oil in for weeks and weeks in advance. However, we do advise using an olive oil for at least 3 days prior to your appointment. Please turn up to your appointment 5 minutes before to complete your medical form. We allow 15 minutes grace period should you have no wax, we will then provide a hearing assessment if necessary and a medical referral (if required). 

The £30 payment is for our time, not for a given procedure. If you need to come back for a second appointment, there is no charge. If a third appointment is required, another £30 will need to be paid. Should you wish to avoid this extra charge, we strongly advise putting olive oil into your ear at least a few days before your appointment. 

Earwax Removal by Water Irrigation is a direct replacement for the old-fashioned technique of ear syringing. It is a far safer and more effective method of ear cleaning than syringing ever was. It uses an ear irrigation machine to remove earwax with a carefully controlled flow of water. The machine gently pumps water into the ear canal at a controlled and steady rate through a specially designed nozzle. The water simply washes the ear wax away at controlled body temperature