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Private blood test

Carters Green phlebotomy service is a quick and easy self-pay service available. Whether you have a referral or not, we can provide the blood tests you need to help diagnose your health concerns.

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Ear Piercing

You can get your ears pierced SO easy and safe! There’s no need to make an appointment, just stop by the clinic or our partnership pharmacy (Sidhu Pharmacy) and our trained and experienced specialists will be ready to take care of you.

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RTMS treatment

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is a form of deep brain stimulation approved by NICE (National Institute for Health Care and Excellence) in 2015 as a particularly powerful method of treatment for depression.

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Ear irrigation

At Carters clinic, we offer a relaxed atmosphere, allowing sufficient time for all our patients to remove wax in a safe and gentle way.

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Skin tag removal

Laser skin tag removal is used when the skin tag does not have a visible stalk. It is still a relatively pain free treatment. With laser skin tag removal there is only a minimal chance of scarring when the aftercare advice is followed.

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Dermal fillers, lip fillers
and Anti-wrinkle treatment

Carters green clinic is an advanced Aesthetics and Skincare clinic providing the very best advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatments tailored to you.

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